Wednesday, June 26, 2013

100th Post: The best of Eat to Compete!

Today marks my 100th post on this blog - wow! In celebration, here are 10 of my most popular posts over the last 2 years. Check them out!

1. The Truth About Gaining Muscle and Losing Fat

2. Supplement Series Part 3: 5 Common Ergogenic Aids

3. Carbohydrate Loading: Why, When and How

4. Why Detox and Cleansing Hurts

5. Added Sugars: The Scary Truth

6. My Marathon Nutrition Plan [from my October 2011 Detroit Marathon]

7. 5 Ways Alcohol Wreaks Havoc on Your Training

8. 5 Foods to Always Have on Hand

9. Gluten-Free Meals and Snacks

10. 5 Performance Tips to Fuel Your Marathon

Would you like to see me write about a topic not yet covered? Reply below and let me know!

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