Tuesday, May 8, 2018

HOW TO: Competition Nutrition for Triathlon/Marathon

One of the top mistakes I see endurance athletes make is trying products or a fueling regimen for the FIRST TIME during a race. This is a horrible idea, as this can lead to GI distress, underfueling and bonking. Instead of waiting until race day, start thinking now about your race-day nutrition. When planning fueling, address each of the following nutrients. 

If you want a more personalized plan, find a sports dietitian who can create a race nutrition plan for you, or email me to help you out at RDKate@RDKate.com. 

Competing less than 3-4 hours = 30-60gm carbohydrate/hour of competing
Competing over 4 hours = 60-90gm carbohydrate/hour of competing --> carbohydrates need to contain varied sources of sugar to decrease the chance of GI distress

Common carbohydrate amounts in race fuel:
8 oz sports drinks: 15gm
1 gel pack: 24-28gm
3 shot blocks: 24gm
1 medium banana: 30gm