Thursday, December 15, 2011

For Your Health: Shopping Over The Holidays

This week I decided to showcase the holiday articles of some of my fellow dietitians. All of these relate to what you do for your health when you go holiday shopping. Now, I am not a huge fan of calorie counting or worrying about weight, but I do believe in being realistic, and understanding what it is about your energy intake that might be causing undesirable body composition changes.

Stay Full While Shopping - Sheah Rarback, RD
Get some ideas for great snacks you can take along with you the next time you go shopping to help you resist the temptation of that mall Chinese food (they get you with those free smells!).

Drop that Drink - Carol Lapin, RD
Check out this article to educate yourself about where excess energy can sneak in when you start sipping on your walk through the mall. I know I love my latte when I go shopping, but I'm careful to go with a small (enough to satisfy my craving), non-fat with light or no whip and 1 less pump of flavor shots than normal.

Healthy Holiday Gifts - Laura Armstrong, RD
Of course we all go to the mall for one reason: to find that perfect gift. How about trying a healthy gift this year? This article has some great ideas for gifts I think people would actually enjoy (think "Awesome - thanks so much!" instead of, "Ohh....great...").

Happy Shoppping and Be Extraordinary,


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