Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Nutrition Tips for Athletes Ending the Fall Season

With the beginning of November, we near the end of the season for high school and college fall sports. This can mean a lot of different things. For one athlete, it might mean entering a true off-season. For another athlete, he may be transitioning into a winter sport. For a third athlete, she may be entering club season. Regardless of what the next step might be, here are some things every fall athlete should think about now.

1. Assess Your Goals
What were your goals this fall season and did you achieve them? If not, what might have been the reason and what changes need to be made now? What are you goals for the winter? If you are in the off-season, will you place a special emphasis on weight loss? If you are transitioning to a winter sport, do you need to make changes to fueling before the season starts? If you are entering club season, how will your eating need to change (timing and amount)?

2. Make Changes
Compensate for changes in lifestyle and training by making changes to nutrient intake. Take a look at your winter schedule and see how it compares to the fall. Are you training at different times? Training at a different intensity? You need to make changes in eating along with training changes to avoid unwanted weight gain OR weight loss. You need to find a balance.

3. Create Small Successes
If you eat like crap right now, don't expect to be a poster-child healthy eater tomorrow. Find small changes you can make and small successes you can rejoice in. Try to drink double the amount of water you currently drink. Try decreasing weekly dessert intake by 2-3 desserts. How about simply adding vegetables with lunch every day? Small successes add up to major diet overhauls and big performance gains long-term.

4. Focus on Real Food
Regardless of your situation or goal, eating more "real foods" will help every athlete improve. Instead of 4 granola bars daily, can you switch to trail mix at least 1 time? Instead of cookies after school, can you switch to fruit and a hard-boiled egg? The more real you eat, the more real results you see.

For more specific and individual recommendations, now is a great time for athletes to check in at the office before the winter. Learn more about RDKate Sports Nutrition (Naperville, IL) by going to or calling 989-906-2459.

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