Thursday, March 13, 2014

Should I see a sports dietitian nutritionist?

Most athletes who want to be the best will do whatever it takes to get there. So why is my office not overflowing with athletes waiting for nutrition advice? I  - like most health professionals - have found that athletes don't come to me until there is a problem to be solved. This is great if an issue is actually recognized as a nutritional problem or if an issue has not progressed to critical. However, sometimes athletes don't realize that what they are feeling or experiencing might not only be caused by poor nutrition but also be solved (sometimes rather quickly) with good nutrition. Instead of accepting aches, pains, tweaks and twinges as "normal", review this list to see if proper nutrition might be your answer.

Are you fueling correctly? You may not be if you.......

Are often sore for days at a time during the training week

Suffer from muscle cramping before, during or after practice or overnight

Feel overly fatigued by the end of the practice week

Cannot keep up the effort you and/or your coach feel is possible

Are constantly sick or suffer from one injury after another

Wake up frequently during the night

Unintentionally lose more than 2-3 pounds of weight during the competitive season

Suffer from stomach cramping, bloating or feel like you “have to go” in the middle of training or competition

Have been diagnosed with low iron or suffer from constant fatigue or feeling like you could “sleep all day”

Started a special diet without consulting with a dietitian to assure you are meeting your body’s needs

Are overly restricting your intake on a daily basis or feel like you cannot eat certain foods

Ladies: Are not getting your period on a monthly basis or have not gotten your period for 3 or more months

While this list is not all-inclusive, it is a good starting point to help you identify what may be controllable with good nutrition. Need to see a sports RD? The spring is a great time to come on in. Schedule in my Naperville, IL office by calling 989-906-2459 or emailing .

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