Wednesday, July 31, 2013

A nursing dietitian's half marathon nutrition plan

This weekend I will be competing in The Legends Half Marathon in Michigan. It will be my longest race since before I had my daughter. I had a great 5K this past St. Patrick's Day race in Naperville and prior to that did a 5-miler somewhere around 20 weeks pregnant. Since I am still nursing my 10-month old daughter, that adds a flair of complication to the day. So, this is a nursing sports dietitian's nutrition plan for her half marathon.........

Date of race: Saturday, August 3rd at 8:30am
Projected weather: 77 and sunny is the high for the day - guessing ~70 at the start. Should be shady as it is a trail run in a state park.
Expected course: Since rain is predicted Friday, I expect mud and standing water in some low-lying areas (bring it - just like H.S. XC!). Per website, mainly flat with a few short hills.

Traveling Friday in the afternoon to arrive by dinner time. Staying with family ~15 min from race location.
Dinner: Plans are to go out to eat. Have been to the restaurant before - huge menu, so shouldn't have a hard time finding something to eat. Generally my night before meal is pasta with grilled chicken along water and cooked veggies if I can get them. Water to drink.

9 PM  EST snack: Will pack cheerios and milk with peanut butter (my go-to final snack)

Stretch, foam roll. Bed by 10PM

Saturday - Race Day

6:30 AM EST Wake up and pump while eating breakfast: White bagel with 2 Tbsp peanut butter and 1 Tbsp jelly, 2 cups Gatorade, 2 cups water (will have to bring all of this from home)

7:  Emma up; hubby feed bottle. Will use a previously frozen bottle for this feeding in case she is up earlier than projected.

7:15/7:30: Leave for race; drink 1-2 cups water and eat 1 whole banana on way while mentally prepare for race
7:40/7:50: Pick up packet at race site; bathroom break
8: Warm-up, stretch
8:10/8:15: 1/2 cup water

8:30 AM race start - goal 8:15/8:25 mile pace - only water avail. at Aid stations from what can tell on website
3.2-mile: 1 cup water from Aid station
5.5-mile/~44 min in: 1 gu packet (will be carrying)
6.2-mile/~50 min in: 1 cup water from Aid station
7.5-mile: 1 cup water from Aid station
9-mile/~76 min in: 1 gu packet (will be carrying)
9.5-mile: 1 cup water from Aid station (last station before finish)
~10:20am: Finish!

Post-race: Grab water, banana & bagel from post-race food; peanuts will bring on own & immediately head to car to pump

Potential edits:
-I may pump additional 10 min after I pick up my race packet depending on how I feel.
-I may move up the first gu to mile 3 depending on how I feel race day. Unfortunately the aid station locations don't work perfectly with my typical fueling schedule.

As a whole, I'm feeling pretty confident and excited for this race. My training hasn't been 100% what I would have liked but I always got in the long runs and at least 1-2 shorter runs mid-week or substituted trainer workouts.

Come back next week to see my race report!

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