Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I Want Your Feedback!

Happy New Year!

I'm back from my fabulous trip to New Zealand. I'm so excited to share with you the adventures and - more importantly - the food I saw and tried! While I'm prepping those blog posts, I wanted to take this week to get your input and feedback. I appreciate your support as a reader and want to make sure I am writing about topics that really matter to you and benefit you as an athlete.

Please either comment below or email me at to let me know what you love about this blog, what you would like to see change, or what topics I haven't addressed that you would like to see covered. Remember: my expertise is with any and every sport, including medical nutrition therapy issues prevalent in athletes, such as diabetes, eating disorders, and heart disease. Have a question you want answered? Just ask! Wondering about a current hot topic in nutrition? Just ask!

Looking forward to your thoughts and questions and stayed tuned over the next two weeks for great stories and pictures from my trip to Kiwi-land! 

Be Extraordinary,


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