Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Don't let work saboutage your health goals!

For many athletes, finding time to stay on top of everything in their life is difficult. Getting in good training, good sleep, and good nutrition sometimes takes a backseat to having a good marriage, good friendships, or success at work. ABC News Health posted a great article last week about staying healthy at work. Whether your "work" is a job or going to school, here 7 ways work can actually help contribute to your health goals....

1. Take a Walk
At mid-morning, lunchtime, or mid-afternoon, get up from your desk and go for a walk either in a close-by park, along a quiet street or simply around your place of work or study. A recent study found that memory span improves by 20% after a 50-minute nature walk. Maybe we can't all afford 50 minutes outside, but certainly 10 minutes is possible...and leave your phone behind!

2. Surf the Web
Researchers discovered that surfing the web rejuvenated employees and boosted productivity. Another study showed that students who were allowed to surf the Internet during "10 minutes of leisure" were more productive and effective at tasks. It's important to relieve your mind as well as your body!

3. Make Your Desk a Mini Gym
The article gives great ideas for how to use your chair, the edge of your desk or the floor to do dips, squats, and push-ups. Or why not just bring dumbbells to work!?

4. Keep Moving
We hear it all the time - take the stairs! But this is really true! Take a break every hour or two; get up and move around. Sitting for long periods of time is often the reason for lower back pain and other issues because supporting muscles get weak. Set an alarm to remind yourself to get up and move. Read the article for more ways to keep moving, such as walking meetings.

5. Check Your Posture
It is especially important for athletes to have good posture to help avoid injury and muscle imbalances. Check the article for the steps to take to check and adjust your posture while sitting at your desk.

6. Plan Ahead
The key to good nutrition! Work places and libraries are full of vending machines, fast-food type convenience stores, and other nasty temptations. Pack and bring your snacks and meals to avoid turning to that late-afternoon vending machine candy bar. Have an office refrigerator? Use it! And don't forget to drink your water...

7. Be Aware of Good Hygiene and Food Safety
The American Dietetic Association just published results from a survey that found that 62% of Americans eat lunch at their desk, 50% snack at their desk, and 27% eat lunch at their desk. That can lead to issues with food safety, so make sure if you eat your desk that you are keeping it clean.

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